Wynsum Arts is committed to fast-tracking research into the development of practical, accessible software with youth adoption in mind.

The large majority of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are affected by executive function challenges and have unique and commonly shared issues with other disabilities. Simply put, children with ASD share similar symptom domains, including communication, executive dysfunction, and a-typical behavior, with other disabilities.

Rather then looking for apps only by Autism executive function, iAM Search looks for executive function apps by severity of symptom, age, gender, grade, and more.

That's the basis for our common data points model and the basis for our proprietary evaluation model - and the key that will ultimately unlock apps for other special needs communities. At launch, the four symptom domains we look at cover all autism symptom domains. However, these symptoms are shared with hundreds of other disabilities. As we add symptoms domains to i.AM Search, we'll be able to expand over an increasingly wide spectrum of disabilities.

We recognize that families are best served when research findings are quickly translated into practical tools. To this end we support:

  • Parents, by providing easy access to relevant research and articles on digital tools for youth.
  • Researchers, with a focus on filling gaps in current studies, as well as speeding their findings into valuable tools for families and helping them understand how their research is used in the market.
  • Businesses, by providing access to experts and end-user evaluation to enhance the value of their products.

Education systems accept and adopt affordable intervention strategies based on evidenced-based research from established institutions. To help them adopt leading edge solutions faster, Wynsum Arts advocates for research funding that will advance assistive technology tools for youth with special needs. We advocate for needed studies, rally cross-disciplinary professionals, and assist with locating schools, students and families who are interested in advancing technology solutions for youth.

Research Interests

Wynsum Arts is interested in advancing research in underserved arenas by concentrating on youth at risk and older youth in middle school, high school, and transitioning to college. We are working with several leading universities and are committed to supporting interdisciplinary research studies designed to measure the effectiveness of mobile devices in educational, family, and community environments.

Our Studies

Use of Mobile Technology by College Students with Disabilities

Wynsum Arts partnered with the University of Utah's Center for Disability Services, and New Amsterdam Consulting Inc. (an expert in youth, youth at risk, and media) in this first of its kind research. After all, if you want to know what works best to promote autonomy and independence, ask the group that's earned its reputation as the gold standard. We did just that. Contact us if you'd like an abstract of this study.

You can follow the progress of our research efforts on Facebook .

We invite educators and professionals to Contact Us to share information-including articles and research-and to learn more about how you can help us in developing or participating in future studies.